The data include facilities that emit 25,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) per year

The data is available for 2010-2020 and we expect to add 2021 data by end of November 2022.

Our data is top quality and multi-dimensional which enables a user to generate tremendous analysis and insights in no time. We specialize to create products that brings every detail on your table and in front of your eyes with ease. Try our data for yourself, and we are sure we will amaze you.

Emissions, Waste Management, Source Reduction Methods, US Emissions Inventory, Enforcement and Compliance, Intensity, Company Benchmarking, Company Rating, Emissions Reduction Potential, Cost of Reduction, Company Reduction Guidance, Global Methane Inventory.

Clients can view emissions by Facility, Segment, Industry, Source, Year, Gases, Process, Unit, Calculation Methodology, Activity, Primary NAICS, Company, Parent Company, Location, State, County, City, Fuel, Fuel Subtype

We provide waste management by Onsite, Offsite - Recovery, Recycling, Treatment, Release by Fugitive Air, Stack Air, Water, Landfill, Underground, Transfer, By Company, Industry, NAICS, Year, Source Reduction Methods Adopted by Companies, Barriers to Source Reduction, Management Comments.

We provide intensity and operational metrics only for Power Plants and Oil and Gas industry currently.

We provide data in excel, PowerBI, Report PDF formats.

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